What Does Volcanic Clay Do for Skin?

When you learn that one of the latest need-to-know skin care ingredients hails from the fires of a volcano, you might think the quest for eternal youth has finally gone too far.

But volcanic ash—yes, like actual ash, from a real volcano—has been popping up in our creams, masks, and cleansers for a bit, and good reason. While the name may be off-putting and raise questions about how it's sourced, volcanic ash boasts a bevy of skin benefits.

Think of volcanic ash as the marginally-gentler-but-equally-effective cousin to clay and mud.

You've probably heard of charcoal skincare, but the latest rock-based facial products to captivate the beauty world are brimming with volcanic ash. Beauty experts across the globe are now harnessing the power of volcanoes with products that claim to unclog your pores and leave you glowing.

But can volcanic ash put a stop to those pesky skin eruptions? Or is it yet another beauty buzzword that doesn't quite live up to expectations?

The idea is that volcanic ash, rock, or clay can help to re-mineralise the skin, detoxify and draw away any impurities. It is also said to be rich in minerals and hold collagen synthesising properties to leave your skin feeling bouncy and rejuvenated. For those who suffer from acne or breakouts, volcanic ash is thought to be a miracle ingredient for cleansing and unclogging polluted skin.

women using volcanic ash detoxifying mask

What is Volcanic Ash?

According to National Geographic, in simplest terms, "Volcanic ash is a mixture of rock, mineral, and glass particles expelled from a volcano during a volcanic eruption."

According to Hayag, "Volcanic ash is a combination of sulphur and bentonite clay." As opposed to lava or volcanic rock, however, volcanic ash isn't something that flows from volcanoes. Instead, it's expelled across large distances along with water and gas.

Volcanic ash has created plenty of problems for people over the years—from killing crops to delaying and cancelling flights.

However, its unique structure makes it a fantastic ingredient for skincare.

Volcanic clay forms when volcanic ash is combined with water - creating a paste with a rich blend of skin-nourishing minerals for our body to embrace. It's acclaimed for its wide array of purposes, with the ability to exfoliate, detoxify, clear impurities, and brighten skin - and that's only the beginning. 

Volcanic ash particles are tiny, porous, and absorbent. This works very well for cleaning up liquids; in the beauty market, this means they may be particularly significant for clearing off the stubborn oil and sebum that sit on your face during the day. It also means the ash may help clear up any less-than-natural things that may be residing on your face, like pollution and extra makeup.

Amazing Volcanic Clay Skin Benefits

Many beauty products boast of the beneficial effects of volcanic ash on the skin. These products claim that bentonite clay, another name for volcanic ash, can clear the skin of impurities because of its exfoliating effect and even give the skin a plump look.

These products also claim that volcanic ash can detoxify, has anti-inflammatory properties, help the lymphatic system because of its calcium and potassium contents, and is antibacterial, which could help people with acne.

Volcanic ash is a mixture of rocks, minerals, and glass formed by fragmentation processes of the magma and the surrounding materials of volcanic vents. When released into the atmosphere, it could be trapped in the clouds or carried far by the wind.

Volcanic Clay Fights Off Acne

Volcanic Ash Clay is hugely beneficial for your skin as it helps to prevent pimples and acne. It helps to absorb the excess oil on your face and to avoid over-drying of the skin. Volcanic Ash Clay found in the face creams helps keep your skin hydrated and moisturised for a more extended period.

For those suffering from oily or acne-prone skin - volcanic ash and clay have shown to be an excellent tool for fighting off pimples.

By unclogging pores, volcanic clay can prevent breakouts from occurring in the first place. And for those hoping to treat acne and pimples already there, our volcanic ash clay masks have been gaining a reputation as an excellent treatment for helping to eliminate the spots already there!

Volcanic Clay Can Help Treat Acne Scars

Acne scarring is a common consequence of breakouts – and volcanic clay skincare may be able to assist. One of the many widespread benefits includes its ability to reduce the appearance of acne scarring. Using the volcanic clay masks regularly on the affected area, acne scarring is likely to be smoothed and minimised.

Volcanic Clay Can Treat Large Sized Pores

Volcanic Ash Clay is also found in scrubs as it helps in preventing clogging of pores. Volcanic Ash Clay helps to treat open pores on the skin and shrinks the large-sized pores on the skin. Volcanic Ash Clay helps to keep the dirt and dust away from the skin, thus preventing pores' clogging. It reduces the risk of blackheads and breakouts on the skin.

Volcanic Clay Can Delay Signs Of Aging 

Volcanic Ash Clay contains essential active enzymes which help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and ageing signs on the face. Volcanic Ash Clay is mainly used on anti-aging products as it prevents the occurrence of early ageing signs on the face. So, if you have age spots, make sure you pick up the cream with Volcanic Ash Clay extract in it.

With a unique cocktail of active enzymes, volcanic ash skin care can help to lessen the appearance of aging - specifically by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. On top of this, these enzymes can also restore elasticity by boosting circulation in the skin, leaving behind a supple complexion.

Volcanic Clay Exfoliates The Skin

Volcanic clay works as an effective natural exfoliator, helping to deliver us with a shining complexion by scrubbing away dead skin cells while nourishing our skin. Not only can this process unclog pores and prevent acne, but this can help our other skincare products work much more effectively, penetrating deeper into the skin.

Volcanic Ash Clay works as an excellent exfoliator that helps to remove toxins and dust from the skin, giving you healthy and glowing skin. Volcanic Ash Clay exfoliates your skin well and helps to revive your dull and dry skin. Using a Volcanic Ash Clay-based scrub or mask can help to rejuvenate your skin.

Volcanic Clay As A Deep Cleanser For All Skin Types

Volcanic Ash Clay is an excellent ingredient that helps to cleanse your skin thoroughly. This clay is exceptionally gentle on the skin and helps to cleanse the skin deep. It helps to pull out the toxins from the body and helps to improve the texture of the skin.

Since volcanic ash is known for being very gentle on most skin types, it works well as a cleanser for both oily and dry skin. Plus, with its detoxifying powers, volcanic clay can also improve the texture of the skin while drawing out the toxins - a winning combination!

Volcanic Clay Softens The Skin 

By unclogging pores, getting rid of dead skin cells, and clearing impurities, volcanic ash offers another noticeable benefit - softer skin. To take full advantage of this effect, try moisturising your face after rinsing your volcanic clay mask off.

Volcanic Clay Restores Elasticity

As we said, Volcanic Ash Clay is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient; it is also used to restore the elasticity on the skin. Due to the presence of many active enzymes and minerals found in Volcanic Ash Clay, it boosts the blood circulation in the skin, thus providing glowing skin. Using a Volcanic Ash Clay mask or cream can help to restore the elasticity of the skin.

Volcanic Clay Detoxifies The Skin 

Volcanic clay is excellent for detoxifying the skin, drawing out excess oil, dirt, and other toxins. It's believed to achieve these effects by absorbing these components, leaving behind clearer and softer skin. Leave your volcanic clay mask on for 10-15 minutes, followed by a rinse with warm water.

Volcanic Ash is one of the best-kept secrets of the Volcanic Earth Healing Centre Spa. It uses the ash extensively in signature Volcanic Ash spa treatments to help address skin rashes, cellulite, blemishes, damaged skin, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and even stretch marks. It is also EXCELLENT in exfoliating SOAPS, especially if you have oily skin.

Note: While Volcanic Ash can be very beneficial for your skin, it is essential to realise that where you have an erupting volcano, the plumes of volcanic ash cloud can cause extensive damage even if you live quite a long distance away. Combined with water, this ash turns to mud and often results in mudslides and the consequent loss of life and property.

Suppose you live anywhere near an active volcano. In that case, you may be susceptible to the hazards of volcanic ash - anything from substantial interference with the operations of mechanical devices or motors to collapsing roofs due to the weight of falling ash.

Uses of Bentonite Clay

On the Skin

You can make a paste of this clay with water and apply for skin infection like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, itching, or burns. Leave it till it dries and washes it off.

Face Mask

Make a paste of Bentonite clay and water and apply it on the face as a mask for 10 minutes. Do it twice a week, and you will witness smooth and glowing skin.

Detox Bath

Add ¼ cup of bentonite clay in your bathing water for smooth skin. (Weekend Detox Plan by An Expert: Rejuvenate and Reboot)

For Oral Health

Apply this powder to your toothpaste while you are brushing. It's tasteless, so you won't even feel any difference.

For Morning Sickness

If you wake up with nausea in the morning, drink 1Tbsp of bentonite clay with water, and it will help provide relief to you.

beauty product on woman face mask


For Pets

If your pets are ill, you can add bentonite to their water or mix and give orally with a dropper or syringe without the needle.

Best Products with Volcanic Ash

OVI Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Our mineral-rich, age-defying Volcanic Ash facial mask gently absorbs oil, helping to reduce large-sized pores and eliminate built-up impurities leaving tired and stressed skin feeling energetic, vibrant and whole again. OVI is a powerful raw detoxifier & cleanser made for stressed and sensitive skin with natural oils and rich nutrients found from volcanic islands worldwide.

Key Benefits

✓ Detoxify, tighten and brighten your skin.

✓ Vegan & cruelty-free.

✓ Remove impurities built up in pores.

✓ Natural detoxifier & cleanser.

✓ Assists in spot reducing pimples.

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask 

If your skin needs a serious detox, look to this mask. It's got all the heavy-hitting skin purifiers: volcanic ash, Irish moor mud, and activated charcoal. For balance, it also contains nourishing hijiki seaweed. It's purifying but not aggressive on your skin.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Clusters Pore Clearing Clay Mask 

Clay masks tend to be both messy and drying. This one bypasses both of these negatives. Like most masks, it's easy to apply, and because it's formulated with volcanic ash and lactic acid, it's resurfacing while it sucks the gunk out of your pores.

Fresh Umbrian Clay Pore Purifying Face Mask

Upon discovery of this mask, Byrdie Editorial Director Faith Xue's world was rocked. (You can read all about her Italian beauty experience.) The clay is sourced from Umbria, Italy (otherwise known as the "Green Heart of Italy") and incredibly mineral-rich, which is how it so thoroughly cleanses and purifies the skin. Sandalwood oil, chamomile flower, and lavender water are also included to calm and soothe your complexion. Just trust us when we say it's so good.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This cult-favourite is a 100% natural bentonite clay mask derived from volcanic ash, making it rich in minerals. It comes in powder form in a big tub, and only a few teaspoonfuls are needed to make an effective mask. It's highly recommended to mix with apple cider vinegar, which reacts well with the powder clay and essentially turns it into a sponge that absorbs any excess oil and sucks out all impurities. The result? A brighter and tighter canvas. Because the clay is so potent, use this mask as a deep treatment once or twice a week when you need a significant skin boost.

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

Amazonian white clay is the star ingredient in this creamy, powerful face mask. Fairly sourced from the Amazon River, this light clay dives deep into pores to clean them out. Say goodbye to sebum and dead skin as the product works as a mild exfoliant to remove toxins, dirt, and dry skin cells. Although the formula works well with all skin types, it's beneficial for acne-prone skin as it gets rid of impurities that can clog pores and cause blemishes. However, this clay isn't drying thanks to the inclusion of aloe, which majorly hydrates and calms irritated skin.

volcanic clay skin care

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

A favourite clay mask courtesy of the K-beauty world, this one is ace at removing blackheads for clearer-looking skin, but not without tickling the skin with a bit of bubble action first. After applying this mask, watch in awe as it starts to foam and take on a cloud-like appearance. Snap a quick picture (you won't be able to resist) and then rinse it off for the ultimate welcome to glowing skin.

Ouai Super Dry Shampoo

Does your dry shampoo always do its job? We're guessing not because some messes can't be cleaned up with your essential dry shampoo—especially if it touts other qualities like "volumising" or "conditioning." Ouai's dry shampoo is for the days when you need to clean up your part and roots, and it utilises volcanic ash to absorb grease and grime sitting on your scalp. Volcanic ash isn't just for your face.

Bite Beauty Changemaker Flexible Coverage Pressed Powder

Many people use volcanic ash-based products to mop up sweat and oil that accumulates on their face through the day, and Bite Beauty has taken advantage of the ash's absorbent properties with its pressed powder. The product offers genuinely flexible coverage and comes in six different shades that accommodate a range of skin tones.

MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator

MAC's Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. The scrub utilises volcanic ash and sugar crystals to draw out impurities and moisturises, so the skin doesn't feel stripped after use. Use a few times a week for cleaner, brighter, and still hydrated skin.

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Although people often forsake bar soap for its liquid counterpart, Ursa Major's affordable and effective version may change your mind. Volcanic minerals are included to purify and exfoliate the skin, along with eucalyptus and mint essential oils to invigorate the senses. Not only is bar soap more sustainable than regular soap, but the palm oil the bar is made with is certified sustainable.

Bentonite clay is made up of aged volcanic ash and mined from the earth. Bentonite clay has many nutrients which help get rid of toxins from the body. It is referred to as Montmorillonite as well. It has a strong negative electromagnetic charge. When it comes to water, it acts as a magnet on our body and pulls out the toxins, heavy metals, impurities and chemicals. 


Your skin deserves to be treated like royalty! Give it what it needs with OVI Skin products today! Our Volcanic Ash Facial Mask is perfect for those who are tired of their oily or stressed out skin. This powerful raw detoxifier & cleanser will help eliminate built-up impurities and reduce large-sized pores leaving you feeling energetic, vibrant, and whole again. We have other products too if you need something else to make your life easier - check them out on our website now!