The Best Products for Your Skin Type

We understand determining your perfect skincare routine can seem a little overwhelming. With so many products on the market, how do you know what's best for you?
Well, have no fear! We've taken the guesswork out skin care and broken down the top skincare products for every skin type. Keep reading to find out what's best for targeting your skin.

Normal skin type
Normal skin type is considered to have the right balance of hydration. Those with this skin type should stick to gentle balancing products, free from soaps and harsh acne fighting ingredients. 

Dry skin type 
Dry skin feels tight and can appear flaky and patch with redness. It can also feel uncomfortably itchy. This skin type is thirsty for hydration! We recommend lotion or oil cleansers that won't strip the skin of its natural oils. Hydrating serums will work to boost hydration levels. Face creams and facial oils will help soothe and lock moisture into the skin.

Oily skin type
Contrary to popular belief, the cure for oily skin isn't to avoid moisturiser. With an oily skin type, there is an overproduction of sebum. This condition is known as seborrhoea. Oily skin can appear shiny and pores are more visible. Choose a gentle gel/foaming cleanser that will penetrate deep into the pores to clarify the skin, and remove dead skin cell build up.

Combination skin type
Those with combination skin have a mixed skin type. Some may have areas which are much drier and some areas which are oiler (Such as the T-Zone). This ranges on a sliding scale. There are many product lines which offer products specifically designed for combination skin. You can also use a combination of the product types mentioned above in the particular areas to maintain overall balance. Stay clear of acne fighting products that contain benzoyl peroxide, as this can actually dry out the areas of their face and cause the oily areas to increase the production of sebum.

Your skin type can change with the seasons, diet and routine, and so should your skincare products. So check-in with your skin regularly and always cater to its current needs. But with all skin types remember, hydration is key!